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Message From Our Owner...

Your child has been chosen for an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

What’s included? 
⭐️ A private Portrait Experience in one of our beautiful studios located in  Highland Park, IL or Charleston, SC


⭐️ Full Access to our children’s Attire Closet (sizes 2T-16)


⭐️ A memorable and heartfelt experience for you & your child


⭐️ One 14" Limited Edition Canvas Portrait with Hand Artistry (valued at $3000)


⭐️ Immediate viewing of your artwork


⭐️ Scroll down to the bottom of the page for our FAQs

It's time our children know how unique and beautiful they really are with an unforgettable portrait experience to honor their individuality and self-expression. 

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What Our Clients Say...

Studies have shown that children who grow up with portraits of themselves on the walls of their home have a greater sense
of belonging and self-worth.


Why are you doing this project?

Belles & Beaus was created to provide a memorable and heartfelt  experience for our children by celebrating their unique personalities through showcasing them in a timeless portrait. By providing our children with an experience where they feel special, valued, and can let their individuality shine, we can do our part to instill the self-confidence they deserve. Studies have shown that experiences like this build self-esteem, and children who grow up with a strong sense of self-worth have greater success in all areas of life . As a family business of over 18 years, we understand how important it is to celebrate our own children through portraiture and we want to encourage other families to do the same. 


How many people are chosen?

We've had thousands of entrants but only a small percentage of applications are selected.  As much as we would love to provide this experience for everyone, we have limited availability for our artists and staff to create these beautiful works of art. 


What’s included?

Our selected applicants will receive a two hour private custom portrait experience at the studio and one 14" wall portrait with full artistry ($3000 value).

Is there any additional cost to me?

No! Most applicants that go through this special experience do find they fall in love with our work and wish to purchase more; however you are not obligated to do so.  If you do decide you'd like to invest in our work, we can apply your reservation deposit or the value of your gift toward your artwork order.


What if my children are in school and our work schedules conflict with your appointment times?  

Most of our clients typically take at least a half day off and their children out of school because this is such a special experience. They spend quality time together getting ready and having fun with each other, then have a family meal or special treat after they leave the studio. Making a family day of the experience brings back beautiful memories as the years go by every time you look at your portrait.


I entered for my friend/neighbor, etc. Can I give the experience to them?

Entries are non-transferable. If you think someone else would like to participate in this experience, please be sure to tell them about it so they can enter. 


Do you have a price list? How much are additional portraits?

We don't have a price list to send out since all of our portraits are unique to each client. We price everything during your viewing and selection appointment because pricing varies depending upon the finish, size and quantity of what you select and every person wants something different. We offer a range of portraits from large scale exquisite painted portraits at $20,000+ to more modest sizes in mixed medium finishes beginning at $1000. Our artwork is definitely an investment. It's created as original art and priced as original art and it's certainly not within the reach of every budget. However, there is never any obligation to purchase anything.


Do you offer digital files?
We are a fine art portrait studio, so the vision of our work is not fully realized until it is in physical form. Our desire is to create portraits with care so that they leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy and, in turn, are treasured and passed down through your family as heirlooms.


Do you offer online proofing?
Online versions of images and printed proofs to take home are not available. Artwork decisions are made in the studio during your appointment. We will guide you on final decisions on image choices, sizes, quantities, finishing and framing.  


Who should attend the selection appointment?
All decision makers should be present. We want you to love your artwork and for your family to fully reap the benefits of this incredible experience. You will be making final decisions on the various aesthetic, logistical and financial aspects of creating your portraits.

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